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They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. And in this case they’re right. This bespoke hardback book cover cunningly contained a video presentation.

We mean business

A premium, tailor-made video in a box with accompanying brochure and infographic nestled in a perfectly proportioned pocket.

Petal Pack

When our petal pack opens to reveal its contents there’s only way to describe it.

Blooming Marvellous

Open Season

This clever packaging concept opens out to a double tray and is the perfect way to present treats of all sorts.

Tools of our trade

We created a totally terrific tool box, containing a video presentation, to tell a story on behalf of one of the biggest tool suppliers in the UK.

Members Only

High quality welcome pack for an exclusive members’ only club, with inset trays containing a set of club rules and a welcome to the club.

Hats Off

A sweet little package shaped like a boater, perfect for delivering small gifts and messages to a select audience.

Picture perfect

A full bleed slipcase with sash opener containing a beautifully designed and printed hardback book

A taste of things to come

A bright, colourful video card for KP Snacks that featured examples of their latest above the line advertising along with an animated infographic for the trade.

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